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If you’ve seen knife brand offerings in the past couple years you’ve likely noticed the trend toward tactical and military positioned gear.  I get it.  We all like to have a Navy Seal worthy weapon in our pocket when we need to peel an orange.  I do love my Gerber DMF Folder Tanto but it’s a bit overkill for many of my car camping and picnic needs.  
Enter the Freescape series from Gerber.  This is the perfect blend of beef and simplicity for what are likely the majority of our cutlery and chopping needs outside of the kitchen.
I recently test ran the Freescape Camp Kitchen Kit and Freescape Hatchet.  I was impressed with both for your outdoor activities where you’re not counting grams and have a little extra room for products that work really well.

First the Freescape Camp Kitchen Kit.  I was impressed with the clean design on this kit.  It comes complete with a fixed blade Camp Kitchen Knife and Pairing Knife. Both have bright green grips that are easy to spot and grippy to the touch.  The carrying case/cutting board stores both knives securely during travel and has a three stage position for opening. 

Why three stages?  There is also a handy ceramic sharpener that is exposed in the first setting to allow for good leverage while putting a fresh blade on your knife.  Nothing worse that fighting though a tomato skin or cut of meat with a dull blade.  Its no problem with with this easy access sharpener to ensure a razor sharp blade whenever needed.  Forget about the days when you promise yourself you’ll sharpen it when you get home… and never do.
In addition to slots for each knife, there is also a space for a towel or wet wipes in the drawer.  This space could also be a convenient place to store sliced food while prepping the feast.  Finally, the channel on the edge of the cutting board makes for clean prep and easy clean up.  
Sometimes its more about what you leave out as compared to what you include.  This is especially true in the feature rich world of multi tools and knives.  

Next, lets take a look at the Freescape Hatchet.  This is a burly hatchet to exceed all your campsite chopping an hammering needs.  It comes with a hard steel, smooth surface blade for low friction chopping and a blunt hammer to tap in your tent stakes.

It comes with two handy protective sheaths.  One completely covers all metal services of the blade and hammer.  At first this seemed like a lot of unnecessary plastic, but when traveling with family and loads of gear, a little extra protection for everything and everyone else makes a ton of sense.  Its got a convenient carrying handle and easy to operate lever to snugly secure the sheath on the blade head.

The lower profile blade sheath comes with an elastic cord to secure it around the hatchet handle.  When removed, it can be tucked into the base of the handle to avoid losing it.  Then again, the bright green color likely takes care of that concern, too. 
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