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I admit, I’m late to hammock party.  I’ve seen the pics floating around the social interwebs for years…  people hanging out on packable hammocks in their front yards, at music festivals and in the backcountry. 
Those that know me know I am not that good at lazy.  I’m working at it, and the CamoNest XL from ENO Hammocks was a big step towards that goal.  Being 6’5” and 210 lbs, this model was prime for me.  Its easily got room for me and my two daughters.  Made from bomber parachute nylon, it cozy, breathable and tough.  The extra fabric also creates a nice cocoon effect when needed.  I’ve putt to the test this summer all over Oregon and its showing no signs of wear.  Throw in the Atlas XL Suspension System, and you can dial in your preferred slack from a posts between 10’ and 20’.
The CamoNest XL weighs in at just over a pound (19 oz) and packs tight in the stuff sack with compression sack.  Its packs small for your backpacking or car camping adventures.
I learned some cool hacks at the Outdoor Retailer show this August from the ENO crew.  Sleeping in a hammock can leave you with numb feet if they are above your heart.  Try sleeping at an angle or place you back below your knees.
You also might want to keep your hammock slung for longer periods.  Be sure to use the mid hammock compression strap to minimize the parachute effect in windy conditions.
You should also consider some placing an air mattress between you and the hammock to minimize heat loss on your underside in chilly conditions.  ENO also offers underquilts to help keep you warm.  
They’ve got hanging bug screens, tarps and laterns to round out your hammock lounging and sleeping needs.  They are solid addition to any outdoor gear quiver.
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