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Tyler Maddox and I have been friends since the early 90's.  Since then, we've had some fun duals in the Pole Pedal Paddle over the years with our wives in the coed pairs class.  We've run into each other at weddings and when he passed through town.  And we've always wanted to get out and create some memories in the outdoors together.  Yet time passed and we failed to make it happen.  So when he reached out to see about making good on that desire, I jumped at it.  

Tyler has run a successful photography and video production company for the past 15 years, Maddox Visual Productions.  Recently, he's been pursuing more director of photography gigs that allow him to spend more time behind the camera.  This new effort,, needed some strong outdoor footage to showcase his capabilities.  Of course, I am always looking to create good content for Dad Sherpa and was keen on some time in the field with Tyler.

From there, I let Tyler run with it.  He likes to think big and make big things happen.  He jumped onto the #OptOutside campaign that REI created for Black Friday, 2015.  The vision was to have a fun day of adventure around Central Oregon doing the things we love.  His vision grew larger than my ability to participate in all aspects, given family commitments around Thanksgiving... and the OSU v. U of O Civil War Game playing that afternoon.  

The result was a pretty amazing morning with Tyler and the crew.  I awoke at 2:45 am to meet up with him and the two other subjects in the film effort, Pam Bradbury and Jessica Milnes, both of Bend.  Phase 1 was to climb and ski Tumalo Mountain at daybrake.  We crested the top as the sun was rising on a beautiful and frigid day in the mountains.  We then rode down the front side of the peak, trying to capture the experience in a number of different ways, including the use of a drone.  I checked out at that point while the group moved onto phase 2, a SUP paddle along the icy Deschute and Phase 3, a fat bike ride through snowy Smith Rock.  

Tyler released a video on Saturday after Black Friday with the plans release of a longer version later in the month.  Check the trailer here and stay tuned:

#optoutside The Short Film - Trailer from Maddox Visual Productions on Vimeo.

Look forward to planning the next adventure with Tyler Maddox.

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