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Spring time is the best time to get the littles out on the slopes mostly for what's not involved:
  1. No traffic on the drive up/home.  My family spent 3 hrs and 40 mins traveling 8 mi from Mt. Hood Meadows to Government Camp the Sunday after Christmas.  That's right...  an average of 2.1 mph.  It was pure mayhem.  Last weekend, it was smooth sailing and took 12 minutes.
  2. No hand warmers with their unknown chemicals.  Its nice to keep it simple and safe when staying comfortable is not such a challenge.
  3. No stiff winds with ice crystals blasting your face.  Its hard to motivate the gaggle when its gale force outside.  Why fight it if you don't have to?
  4. No lift lines.  No brainer.  Who wants to ski for 5 minutes and site in lines for many multiples of that?  No thanks.
  5. No deep powder to negotiate. A tough thing for kiddos and even harder for the parents eyeing all the good lines getting devoured by beaters slipping sideways down all your favorite stashes.  Resentment is a real and horrible emotion.
  6. No crowds which means less chance of collision with others.  My biggest fear is my kid getting taken out by another rider that knowingly or unknowingly comes to close for comfort.  Its a numbers game.  Play it to your favor.  
  7. No packed lodges at lunch cuz everyone's on the sunny patio listening to live music.  Who wants to subject themselves that cesspool of a lodge during the height of sickness season, anyway?  
There are some pretty cool things that spring skiing includes as well:
  1. Discounted spring passes.  Mt. Hood area resorts all offer spring passes for less than $150 and Mt. Ashland, OR (my home resort) recently offered skiing at no charge with food canned food donations.  
  2. As mentioned, live music on the sunny patio.  Fun for the whole family.  Just don't forget the sunscreen and sunnies.  Last thing you want to is rush a prefectly good aprés experience.  They are as fickle as a good powder day.
  3. Festivals that include pond skimming & beer (for the parents).  
  4. Sun! 🌞

Granted, some resorts close earlier than others and many kids move into spring sports. There's always that global warming variable that can cut our fun short. But maybe the spring sport of focus should be skiing?  Hmmm...

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